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What Chapter 7 offers:

- You do NOT have to file a plan of repayment

- You keep your nonexempt assets

- Your other assets are placed in a bankruptcy estate and are sold to pay your creditors.

- Individuals, partnerships, and business entities can all file for Chapter 7


Declaring bankruptcy can be a way to start over. It will also have major impact on your life for years to come and should be considered very carefully.

Our office can assist you in making sure your paperwork is complete and that the settlement is arranged as much to your advantage as possible.


Our office will always treat you and your family with respect

and compassion.

Are you facing bankruptcy because of medical bills? Our office has extensive experience with personal injury cases and in helping you file for Social Security disability payments.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Sometimes after unexpected bills, a job loss, or other set back, you may find yourself facing heavy debts. Declaring bankruptcy may be the right way to start over. Deissner

Law Office offers you assistance in filing your

Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Our attorney and our team can help you in understanding the obligations that you will incur and also the rights

that you will enjoy and that your creditors will have

to respect.

Work with an attorney

with more than 30 years

in practice.


Other options

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